As the spring semester approaches, we are excited to reflect on the remarkable achievements and memorable moments from 2023. 

The bonds of brotherhood are timeless, and our alumni reunion was a testament to the enduring strength of our fraternity connections. Welcoming back familiar faces, and hearing inspiring stories from those before us was a heartwarming experience. The weekend was filled with laughter, remembrance, and a shared commitment to the continued success of our beloved fraternity.






One of the highlights of this semester was our philanthropy event dedicated to the prevention of colorectal cancer through Hitting Cancer Below the Belt. Thanks to the collective efforts of our fraternity brothers and the generosity of our supporters, we are thrilled to announce that we raised $9,215.85 for this crucial cause. This accomplishment reflects our commitment to making a positive impact beyond our fraternity walls and contributing to the well-being of the larger community.


Social Media

The chapter has been hard at work to develop and release a new website alongside establishing a social media presence. Find us on facebook at Sigma Alpha Epsilon – University of Virginia Omicron Chapter, or on instagram @uvasae. On these platforms we will post updates about events, accomplishments, and more. Additionally, our brand new website, uvasae.com, is now up and running, providing additional resources and contact information. Please send in any pictures or stories to be included in our archive, and feel free to say hi in the comments!








We are thrilled to announce that our fraternity has once again excelled academically, achieving 3rd out of all UVA fraternities in GPA rank during the fall semester. Our brothers have demonstrated that excellence in academics remains a cornerstone of our fraternity values. We would also like to shout out our intramural soccer team for winning the IM soccer championship this past semester, congratulations gentleman!

Our fraternity extends its heartfelt appreciation to all the parents who joined us for an unforgettable Parent Weekend. It was a joy to showcase the camaraderie and accomplishments to the people who support us unconditionally. From sharing meals to engaging in various activities, Parent Weekend strengthened the bonds between our fraternity and our families.



Our two house bands, The Jellies, and Boscobel continue to succeed in the music scene at UVA. We are looking forward to hearing more performances and new music in the spring. As we look ahead to the next semester, let us carry the momentum of our achievements and continue to embody the values that make our fraternity a beacon of excellence and brotherhood.